Kapok Seed Oil



KAPOK SEED OIL this product produced of kapok seed. After press by machine the kapok seed will result oil. Our kapok oil content of FFA as much 9.98%. By Indonesia research of technology. Kapok seed oil has a potential as a biofuel, feed animal additive, resin mix and as well as in product for the paint industry. Kapok seed oil can use to mixed into material cosmetic, breed needle in order that is not sticky.


  • Packaging in jerrican and flexibag
  • Analysis report :
Color (Red/Yellow/Blue) : 13.4/70.0/0.0
Moisture Content : 0.9%
Free Fatty Acid : 6.5%
Peroxide Number : 16.2
Iodine Number : 0.78
  • Origin : Java Indonesia
  • Available Qty Supply : 30 MT/Monthly
  • Payment : T/T, L/C & MOQ Qty : 20’ft

K.S.O Item 1

Dimension Product :
L18 x W12 x H33cm
Dimension Packaging :
L36 x w26 x H34cm
Description : 1 Cart (@4pc)
Volume Product : 5L (4.5kg)

K.S.O Item 2

Dimension Product :
L28.5 x W24 x H32cm
Dimension Packaging :
L30 x W25 x H33cm
Description : 1 Cart (@1pc)
Volume Product : 18L (16.2kg)

K.S.O Item 3

Dimension Product :
Load 20Ft ~ 40Ft
Volume Product : 16000 ~ 26000L