Kapok fibre used as yarn

Spinning kapok fiber into yarn, kapok fiber is first spun so that it can be used as a weaving yarn. The spinning process takes a long time and is difficult, due to the slippery and short fibers. Fibers and yarns are given color first in order to produce attractive fabric variants. The kapok fiber that […]

Kapok fibre is used as an absorbent material

Kapok fiber is a natural material that is renewable, environmentally friendly and has distinctive properties, namely hydrophobic and oliofilic, so it has potential in controlling environmental pollution. Based on these absorption properties, kapok can be an effective and efficient absorbent in oil removal. Therefore, kapok can be applied as a material in booms, skimmers and […]

Kapok fibre used as stuffing for dolls

One of the advantages of kapok fiber is that it can be restored to its original state by drying in the sun. So it is very suitable to be used as stuffing material for dolls, because it will always expand and not easily deflate.

Kapok fibre is used as jacket stuffing

Due to the high composition of kapok fiber, it can be used as a fiber sheet for filling the lining of winter jackets (coats). As a natural fiber, kapok is an excellent alternative for use as a filling.

Kapok fibre is used as a room damper

Natural fibers generally have the ability to absorb sound to control noise. A silencer or sound absorber is a material that can absorb sound energy from a sound source whose function is to control noise. The influence of noise will have psychological and biological effects on humans, such as decreased comfort, concentration, and stress on […]

Kapok fibre is used as stuffing for sofas and pillows

Kapok pillows are also called cotton pillows because the filling is made from kapok plants. Kapok pillows are made from natural raw materials instead of synthetics so they are safer. The texture is soft and cushiony, so it is very comfortable if used also as a sofa stuffing material.

Kapok fibre used as mattress filling

Kapok mattresses are a type of traditional mattress that has long been recognized by the public. Made from the natural material of randu fruit, kapok mattresses are able to absorb heat. No wonder although the price is quite cheap, sleeping on a kapok mattress is quite comfortable because it is soft and not hot.